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Pre-Owned Riverstone Networks Routers and Switches: Big savings on quality network hardware.

Riverstone Networks

Riverstone Networks (now acquired by Lucent Technologies) has been known as the leader in supplying high-end routers and switches for metropolitan area networks and the large carrier Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Riverstone Networks' high performance routers have been relied upon in more than 40 countries and in many of the largest networks worldwide. Riverstone's routers have been known for their redundant and resilient technologies that have increased network uptimes and added reliability to large carrier networks.

If you're looking for used Riverstone Networks equipment, then you will be making the best possible choice with quality pre-owned Riverstone Networks routers and switches from Relay Networks, available to you at huge discounts off the manufacturers' list prices.

Relay Networks buys and sells great quantities of used Riverstone routers and used Riverstone switches. We buy carefully and maintain a large inventory of quality pre-owned Riverstone network equipment -- allowing us to fulfill our customers' orders promptly.

We know that customer service is key to our business. Allow us to apply our expertise and market knowledge to meeting your needs for routers and switches at a great price and an astounding level of quality.

All of our pre-owned Riverstone Networks (now acquired by Lucent Technologies) hardware comes with the safety and security of a 90-day no-hassle warranty.

Extended Warranties Available

Relay Networks takes particular pride in standing firmly behind the integrity of everything that we sell - be it used routers or refurbished routers, used switches or refurbished switches, or all kinds of Riverstone network equipment - by offering both 1-year and 3-year extended warranties. We can do this because of the confidence we have in the quality of the network equipment that we buy and in turn provide to our customers.

We believe that you deserve -- and that you can have -- both savings and security.

Click here to read more about our remarkable extended warranties.

We call what we sell "pre-owned" here at Relay Networks because that's what it means: owned previously, but not necessarily used. In addition, the equipment is thoroughly tested and inspected prior to selling. When you buy pre-owned Riverstone Networks routers and switches from Relay Networks, you get the equipment you need, and achieve very substantial and valuable savings at the same time. That's money you can use to fit other urgent projects into your budget.

It's an exciting way to maximize the return on your investment, without sacrificing quality and security. Read more about it here: Why Buy Pre-Owned?

Prompt Fulfillment of Your Order For Riverstone Networks' Hardware

We maintain a vast inventory of Riverstone routers, Riverstone switches and other network hardware and equipment so that we can fulfill your order with the kind of speed that makes your life easier. We take pride in fulfilling 95% of our customers' orders for pre-owned Riverstone Networks hardware in less than three business days.

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Tel: 651.204.0876
Fax: 651.633.4055

Do you have Riverstone Networks' routers and switches to sell?

Relay Networks buys all types of networking and telecom gear as long as it is in good working condition (physical and operational). We give you the top return on investment for your routers, switches and other network hardware.

Click here to learn more about our Value Recovery Center.