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About Us

Relay Networks was formed in 2005. Since then, we have developed relationships with thousands of customers. We offer traditional networking hardware, indoor wireless hardware and outdoor wireless hardware to clients all over the world. Our facility in Lino Lakes, Minnesota, is a top-tier technical and repair center where we put all of our products through a thorough audit and test procedure to guarantee quality assurance.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

At Relay Networks, we always put the customer first, and our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our stats. Because we strive to take better care of our customers than anyone else in this business, 80% of new customers become repeat customers. Our positive feedback rating on Ebay is 100%. We have customers in more than 50 countries. What this all adds up to is a solid reputation for us and a high rate of satisfaction for our customers.

Commitment to Customer Service

Every Relay Networks customer has a direct point of contact on our sales team. When our customers call for assistance, they are never routed into a phone bank. Instead, they speak with an account manager who is assigned to handle their needs. This not only guarantees faster service, it fosters relationships; when our clients need something, they know they have a trusted advisor at Relay Networks who can keep their systems up and running. Moreover, our expert technical staff troubleshoots problems remotely.

Contact Relay Networks

For more information about our products, manufacturing partners and services, contact Relay Networks today.