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Manufacturer Partnerships: Mercury Networks

Mercury Networks
Mercury Networks

Our customers wanted a top-tier WiMAX Solution. We found one. Relay Networks is pleased to announce our partnership with Mercury Networks, one of the top manufacturers of WiMAX equipment. Our partnership with Mercury Networks enables us to provide top-flight WiMAX equipment to our customers both domestic and overseas.

Company Snapshot

Mercury Networks is a fast-growing company with offices in Santa Clara, California and Fort Wayne, Indiana. Its leading-edge WiMAX technology has been deployed all around the world. The company offers a broad range of WiMAX solutions, providing reliable connectivity for business and residential, rural and urban, local clients and clients abroad. Mercury Networks offers solutions that are cost-effective, which ensure that our clients are able to achieve connectivity without breaking their budgets.

Why We Chose Mercury Networks

When some of our longtime customers told us they wanted a carrier-grade WiMAX product, we set out to establish a partnership with one of the best WiMAX carriers in the world: Mercury Networks. Mercury Networks is the premier manufacturer of carrier-grade WiMAX equipment.

More Information about Mercury Networks

Learn more about Mercury Networks by visiting www.mercurynets.com or contacting Relay Networks today for more information about our selection of Mercury Networks products.