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Network & Wireless Network Equipment Repair

Wireless Equipment Repair

Buying new network or wireless equipment is an expensive proposition - especially when you’ve already made a significant investment in your network infrastructure. While buying pre-owned equipment certainly reduces your cost, sometimes the best option is to repair the equipment you already own.

That is why Relay Networks offers industry-leading network and wireless hardware repair services. With an expert staff of technicians and an advanced tech center, we are well suited to serve your repair needs.

With the capability to repair thousands of items by the major network manufacturers, Relay Networks is positioned to be your repair partner. Among the brands we repair:

Motorola Canopy   Cisco Systems
Trango Broadband Wireless   Riverstone/Lucent
Alvarion   Juniper Networks
WaveRider   Foundry Networks
SmartBridges   Redback Networks

Payment Options – For your convenience, we offer two payment options.

  • Pay As You Go: Perfect for those companies looking to maximize the use of their hardware base. Send us whatever non-working equipment you have and you only get charged for what can be fixed.
  • 50/50 Plan: Looking to get your equipment fixed, but don’t want to invest any additional money? This plan is perfect for you. We retain 50% of the repaired items and you receive the other 50% free of charge. *

*Some restrictions apply. Contact a repair services representative to see if your equipment is eligible for the 50/50 Plan.

Warranty – We understand that you want peace of mind that your network or wireless equipment is going to work when put back into service. That’s why all of our repair work comes with a 6-month warranty.

Request Form – The easiest way to get started is to submit a Wireless and Network Equipment Repair Request Form and we will send you a repair estimate with pricing and approximate completion time.

Or you can always contact us directly and speak with a repair representative.