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Extended Warranty

With our network hardware warranties, you can have both savings and security.

In addition to the automatic 90-day no-hassle warranty, Relay Networks offers 1-year and 3-year extended warranties on all routers, switches and network hardware that we sell.

Savings and Sound Sleep with our Pre-Owned Network Hardware

Our extended warranties were completely unprecedented in the pre-owned market when we began offering them. Some people thought we were crazy, but we have confidence in our inventory, and we see our extended warranties as a way of giving our customers that extra edge of security to allow them to sleep soundly while enjoying their savings.

You can save money on network hardware without sacrificing your peace of mind!

Our extended warranties are affordable because they are based on the pre-owned price of the equipment, not on the manufacturers' list prices. So, in effect, you save money on the products and then save money on the warranty too.

Again, Relay Networks can offer these warranties because of our confidence in the quality of the switches, routers and other network hardware that we are buying to begin with. We make it our business to know where to buy the good stuff – the high quality switches and routers that our customers require. Relay Networks has cultivated domestic and international markets so that we can deliver the very best routers and switches at the very best price to our customers.

We buy carefully, and we sell confidently, so that you can run your network efficiently.

Extended warranty programs may be too risky for other network hardware re-sellers, but not for Relay Networks.

Contact us or request a quote on pre-owned network hardware and to ask about our warranties.

Tel: 651.204.0876
Fax: 651.633.4055